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Smartitrax Data Base Block Chain Introduction:

What is a Block Chain?
Block chain is a method of peer to peer data authentication and transaction validation. One form of blockchain is an immutable (unchangeable over time) distributed ledger similar to bitcoin or etherium crypto currencies. This does away with the need for a trusted third party to validate the data or transaction. These ledgers rely on user nodes that host the ledger to provide this validation or authentication.

Give me an example.
Imagine giving the same information to mulitiple persons. Each time you wanted to retreive the information you would retreive all of the information from all of the persons and discard any information that does not agree with the majority of the remaining information. In order to tamper with the information one would have to access a majority of the information and make the exact same changes to this information. This is far more difficult if not virtually impossible when each of the holders of the information maintain a seperate and secure access to it.

Why is this so important?
Todays world is immersed in data centric applications. In most cases this data is maintained on single server. Most servers utilize a back-up to fall back on in the event of a catastrophic failure. Some systems utilize multiple mirrored copies of the data-base on seperate servers in order to fall back on when the primary data-base fails. This mirrored data plan provides a much faster restart of the service compared to using a backup in the event of a failure but still requires some time to switch over. In both cases the servers become single points of failure and become very costly to maintain as the size and complexity of the data and system grows. Using a single database may eventually reach a point where no one server can manage all of the data and transactions and that database will need to be split up into multiple databases or shards. At this point the complexity will grow exponentially with the number of mirrors and shards and you can just imagine the difficulty in managing such a system.

Smartitrax Block Chain to the Rescue.
Smartitrax Block Chain is designed from the get go to be deployed on multiple nodes with multiple mirrors. We have taken the approach that we need to provide an unlimited system in size, number of transactions and host systems. We support analytics on multiple databases such as Postgres, Mysql and SQL Server. Our system can be configured with any combination of a) mirrored database with high availabilty with no interuption on node corruption or b) a sharded database with unlimited size. In a traditional server arrangement all of the transactions usually go through a single choke point. This can also be considered a single point of failure. Smartitrax can update the data from any node to any other node and percolate that data to all mirrored nodes. This mesh networking allows for a maximum of complexity, throughput and reliability with unlimited capacity.

How much does this cost?
Conventional pricing ranges from free to many thousands of dollars per server core. Smartitrax databases are charged on a usage basis depending on how many nodes are involved. As you grow the database and transactions increase then so will the cost. If your usage goes down during periods of inactivity then so does the cost. This allows you to get started right away for a minimal investment.

How can I get Involved?
If you are sponsored to host a Smartitrax node then you will receive some of the profit generated by your node. If you sponsor a party you will some of the profit generated by their node as well as from your own node. Each node provides a detailed report of the transactions going through the node with the associated fees, costs and profits. As a node holder you will be required to purchase a smartitrax node and maintain broadband connection to the node. As your sponsored nodes increase in size you will be required to increase to accomodate them. You will also be required to provide backup assistance and training to your downline nodes. Smartitrax will provide templates for you to use and re-sell and we will assist you in custom designing any application for our customers.

How do I use the database?
Smartitrax provides a datadriven frontend that handles all of the security and display. You simply embed this into your application with an Iframe. Reports and complex functions can be written with a tag based server language that is easy to learn and use. We also provide templates for creating smart contracts. These can be emailed as PDF's with a link to edit and update.

How secure is the Smartitrax node?
Individual views can be username and password protected with two factor authorization as well as locked down to IP Addresses. Data and Documents can be end to end encrypted with users supplying password keys. Encryption can be single or dual key as required. All data is backed up upstream and constantly monitored for accuracy and authentication.